Baby Care Gift Set


We all want the best for ourselves and of course for our precious bundles of joy! Do your baby a favor and get the best, all natural, vegan Baby Bundle so that they are taken care of in any situation. From skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis to diaper rash, cradle-cap and even teenage acne! We’ve got you covered with soothing plant extracts, natural clays and potent prebiotics. *Bonus is that mom can use it too!

Small Bundle Includes:

4oz Baby Bar Soap (Plus 1 extra full size soap as a gift!)

4oz Hydra Baby Oil

1.5oz Hydra Baby Balm with Prebiotics


Large Bundle Includes: 

4oz Baby Bar Soap  (Plus 1 extra full size soap as a gift!)

8oz Hydra Baby Oil

4oz Hydra Baby Balm with Prebiotics

*Note: This set is perfect for babies who have eczema, teenagers with acne, and everybody in between! 

The ingredients are 100% all-natural to avoid safety risks during pregnancy or breast feeding. Even the type of plastic used in the jar has been specifically selected to be non-toxic.

Click the link to each product to get more info! 

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